Friday, December 11, 2009

Before You Move | Long Distance Moving, Part 1

The following series of articles is written by Mary, a long-time employee of our company who is moving through our company to New York in January. Follow her trials and tribulations as she embarks on a last-minute interstate move from our sunshine-y South Florida to the Big City.

Preparing Your Move - Transitioning into Your New Home.

Set the Date: Negotiate Your Last Day with Your Landlord.

For renters, notify your landlord a good month in advance of your intentions to move so you can plan your moving day on both your needs. If you're going to break your lease, discuss security deposit arrangements with your landlord and find out what his or her terms are. Schedule your last day a few days after your move day! When it comes to moving, anything that can happen probably will, so think ahead and give yourself some wiggle room in case your moving day doesn't go exactly as planned.

Tell Your Boss: Schedule a Window for Your Move.

It's usually best to schedule your move when you have a day or two off, or days you can get excused from work. Movers typically schedule multiple moves in one day (yeep, just like your darn cable company), so be prepared for any possible delays or rescheduling. Stress to your mover the window that you absolutely need to move, but also remember that your movers are people too, subject to traffic and the elements and whatever else the world throws at you on your moving day. If you are moving with your spouse or family, arrange a back-up in case you have to work so your partner can meet the movers, or the cable company, and everyone else involved in your move.

Post Office Pit-Stop: Changing Your Address.

I usually forget to change my address until long after I've moved and actually lost my tax refund as a result a few years ago. If stopping at the post office simply isn't worth the time and gas to you, sit your but in front of a computer and fork over a dollar processing fee at the USPS website and change your address online.

Clean Up & Save! Getting Back Your Deposit.

Based on your conversation with your landlord, it's probably a good idea to clean up your apartment and get deposit back. Recruit your friends, family and Roombas and get to scrubbing! A returned deposit is usually upwards of $700.00 in your pocket to put down on your new place.

Pre-Move Utility Savings: Call FPL & Disconnect Your Power.

Contacting the power company before you actually move is a great money-saver. When FPL closes your account, the power is switched back to your landlord (or future tenant) to be paid at a later date. But don't worry, the lights will still be on, even if you physically move out a few days later. :)

Phone a Friend: Crashing on Your Friend's Couch (Back-Up).

Interstate moves can be a tricky move, so I personally move out of my house a week before with a friend (or mom, depending where I am). Making a back-up call beforehand keeps you from having to sleep in a cold, empty house or forking over even more money for hotel and food expenses in case your truck is delayed or your move-in date at your new house or apartment is post-poned.

But Most Importantly of All...

Do NOT Multi-Task on Your Moving Day!

In early February, I received the outraged call of a customer who had scheduled the pick-up for her move on her wedding day - which she was flying to in another state! At this point, I've moved seven times in and out of state and no amount of planning has ever prepared me for the anomalies that delayed my long distance moves. These included a flipped tractor trailer on I95, a major hurricane back in 2005 in Broward County, and my house not closing the day before my stuff arrived in the city. Always, always have a back up plan prepared from the moment you decide you're going to move.

Happy hunting and good luck on your move!

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