Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Moving On UpCustomer Claims Policy

Here at Moving On Up, Inc.™ customer satisfaction is our highest priority. The moving industry is known to be of ill-reputation - especially in Florida - and as a result, our company has worked very hard to establish a trustworthy and reputable service to protect the valued items of the families and offices that we move.

As with any large company that has been in business for a prolonged period of time, there are occasions when our customers and our staff do not see eye to eye. Moving On Up™ thus offers arbitration through an independent customer service agency in the event that any damage or loss has occurred during a move. While we cannot guarantee that every claimant will be satisfied with the outcome of their claim, we nonetheless aim to provide professional and courteous service to all of our customers.

Know Your Rights.

In order to file a claim the U.S. Department of Transportation regulations for filing a claim (Part 370: Principles and Practices for the Investigation and Voluntary Disposition of Loss and Damage Claims and Processing Salvage) states that a detailed letter must be mailed or emailed to the office of the moving company in question for review by said company's claims department. Our company requests proper documentation (such as pictures, a detailed letter, and the original copies of the relocation documents signed upon pick up and delivery) to process a claim.

Breakdown of the Claim Process.

The following is an excerpt from attorney David Piotrowski, Esq. regarding Household Goods Claims:

...[A] claim must be filed in writing with the carrier within nine (9) months from either 1) the date of delivery (or in the event of total loss, on the date the shipment should have been delivered), or 2) the date of conversion from Storage in Transit to permanent storage. The shipper can file a claim at any time during these nine (9) months, but not later.

After the shipper files the claim with the carrier, the carrier has thirty (30) days to acknowledge receipt of the claim. The carrier has no obligation to respond immediately after receiving a claim, and it is often in the shipper’s best interest not to constantly contact the carrier as this may aggravate the issue. The carrier will need time to review, gather the paperwork, analyze the merits of the claim, and draft a response. The carrier has one hundred and twenty (120) days from receipt of the claim to either pay, decline to pay, or offer a settlement to the shipper. At the end of the one hundred and twenty (120) days, the carrier may receive an extension of an additional sixty (60) days...

If Moving On Up™ determines that a claim is not due to the negligence of our staff, a detailed statement will be provided to the customer for their records. We acknowledge and accept our duty to compensate our customers for loss or damage to their property by the agreed liability valuation of 60 cents per pound per article, as required by law. for this reason we strongly suggest that all customers..

Purchase Moving Insurance!

If you are experiencing any concerns with your move, please contact your Moving On Up™ agent and ask to file a report with our Claims Department. If you're considering moving with our company, be sure to request information on your insurance options from

Good luck with your moving search! We hope to hear from you soon!

Sincerely yours,

Haim Shalem

Customer Claims Supervisor

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